trio, together, seventh year

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As the Good Book says, if you spit in the air, it lands in your face
trio, together, seventh year
The short nutzoid crackfic I was just writing about the nonsensical and hilariously terrible Star Trek: TOS episode "Spock's Brain" just somehow turned into an emotional serious symbolic Spock-McCoy friendship study. What.

On a mostly unrelated note, it just occurred to me, 10 years after first seeing either work, that the main association my brain makes when I see/read/think about Spock and McCoy's relationship is Golde from Fiddler on the Roof fuming, regarding her husband Tevye, "You can die from such a man!!"

/it is very 2:00am around here.

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Makes perfect sense to me although I am rarely awake at 2 am unless another time zone qualifies. Ah yes, The Fiddler. Another great movie, including the young whippersnapper pmg.

You know, it was MONTHS before it clicked for me that hey, Perchik had been played by PMG. Must've been the brown contact lenses or something...

Crackfic is hard, yo. I give you all the props for attempting, even if it turned into not!crackfic.

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