trio, together, seventh year

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Dear New People from theladyscribe's friending meme
trio, together, seventh year
Perhaps this is a good time to put out a post on my current (and everchanging) fannishness, as I've just acquired several subscriptions/accesses from the good folk at [personal profile] theladyscribe 's "if you build it, they will come" friending meme:

My journal looks pretty empty, yeah. All my fannish stuff is public, but I have written a great deal of fic unattached to this username in previous years that I will never 'fess up to. I have written a gigantic quantity of meta, but alas, it is all in the form of comments on various comms and journals (especially [community profile] fandomsecrets , [community profile] fail_fandomanon , and various non-DW/LJ platforms. My profile tells me that as of tonight I have logged 5,856 comments on this profile since July 2012. My eyes sort of bugged when I saw that.

So, I'm in transition at the moment: it was only this fall that I am finally starting to post my fic, meta, fic reviews, random fannishness, etc, on my journal. I'll update fairly regularly, and have sworn to complete a certain number of fics and fic reviews in the near future. My current interest is fandom history - old, old fandoms, old, old fanfics, and the whole culture they occurred in, which I've been studying through aka the most awesome fandom-related site ever. I'm in the middle of reviewing two 1970s Star Trek TOS and Starsky & Hutch fanzines. My plans after I finish doing that will be to write fics for Guardians of the Galaxy and Harry Potter and then more fic for several other fandoms as fast as I can, and post a wide variety of shortish fannish thoughts every few days. Sample thoughts I'm planning:
  • I've been feeling incredibly nostalgic for my time when I was immersed in DC and Marvel comics fandom - my happiest fandom time by a long shot - so there will probably be long rambling meta on Gotham City and Metropolis and the DC Universe as a whole and how Crisis on Infinite Earths is so important to its character and several other ideas. And about the Marvel Universe and community and how citizens can adapt to anything, including superheroes, as business-as-usual. My love for these fictional worlds knows no bounds.
  • I need to write that long fandom manifesto about how Starsky & Hutch is glorious and still compelling and underexplored in many different ways that are simultaneously not about and all about the unparalleled central partnership because it's all interconnected and essential for creating the context in which said partnership can exist. Half of that post will probably be eaten by musings about Watergate and me telling people to just read The Ollie Report instead.
  • I really honestly do need to write that Star Trek essay about the extremely enjoyable brain-bending one needs to do in order to suspend one's disbelief about a show about the future written by writers in the present. Which has been percolating in my brain since around 2009. I keep forgetting parts of it because I'm too lazy to write it down, eep!
  • I am strongly considering writing a series of fairy tale AUs/retellings for every single canonical work I have ever been fannish about. I can't figure out if this is a terrible idea or not
  • The sometimes Twlight-Zone-ish experience of being a gen fan who actually does love the hell out of slash and het and femslash, but gen just has that special place in one's heart that has nothing to do with being disinterested in romance and everything to do with that elusive vibe that's so hard to articulate in the context of shipping-heavy fandom.
  • A bunch of old classic movie reviews centering on "so I've watched this movie about 5 times but this time I noticed this other thing..."
  • It has only just occurred to me recently that I have never told a single soul anywhere, online or off, how much the character of Buffy Summers meant for me.

I'm mostly just saying this stuff so that I have at least perceived peer pressure to actually do it instead of just privately telling myself I'm totally going to do it, someday, for reals.

And while I probably can't do a specific day-by-day version of the December Talking Meme, I would be very open to suggestions for topics that I'll promise to answer sometime in December...

Thank you so much to everyone who subscribed. I am awkward about stuff like this, so I guess, Welcome!

ETA: Guess I should also pimp this friending meme from LJ:

( multi-fandom friending meme. ) This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

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This is wonderful. I am having a great time exploring your posts and I look forward to the ones yet to come. Since I thoroughly dislike the idea of peer pressure, how about a sincere "thank you" for sharing your posts instead? It is a certainly a gift to those of us lucky enough to get to read them.

Wow, thank you so much! I can never tell if my posts are annoying or not, so I usually just try to space them out to be safe. But I'm very glad to know you appreciate them. And I suppose appreciation is just as effective as pressure ;)

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What kind of bias do you think fanlore has? I do think that some of the fandoms have a lot more data on fanlore than others, often pretty arbitrarily, and sometimes incomplete (I guess because more editors are fans of one thing rather than another thing).

A great place to get zines is agentwithstyle (has loads of zines in many many fandoms), but I guess it's difficult if you want to keep your fandom life private and don't live alone. And some are pretty expensive. For deleted fics, the Wayback Machine is a lifesaver, but it still doesn't have a backup of everything. :(

The fic that made me fall in love with fairy tale AUs was Snow Queen by elspethdixon ( It's a nominally slash (though it comes off as more gen to me) Marvel Comics fusion with the Hans Christian Andersen story. I certainly don't plan on writing anything as long as that one, though ;)

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Yeah, that's definitely true of their articles - I always take things like that with a grain of salt. (Of course, I suppose the solution is to edit it ourselves whenever we find some where we're like "wait, I know a lot of people with other opinions" but I'm a lazy bum).

Ollie Report

Thank you for your very kind mention of my Starsky and Hutch blog, "The Ollie Report". I've tried my best to reveal how much
intense sociological, psychological, and political content goes on in this much-misunderstood and underestimated series. Hopefully without wrecking it.


Never wrecking it! I mean, I do realize that a lot of the complexity was not thought about by the writers nearly as deeply as we fans think about it (though I think this is most likely the case for a lot of deservedly acclaimed works as well), but I absolutely agree with you. Fortunately, I think a lot of fans agree too.

If you don't mind me asking, how did you come by this blog? (btw, if you don't have a livejournal but would like to tell me anything, feel free to email me at intrigueing1992 at g mail.

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