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Just the fandom-related part of all the junk I thought about while insomniacing last night
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-If I could only pick one fact that proves to me the stupidity of the human race, it's the fact that sales of clownfish spiked after the release of Finding Nemo. Basic comprehension, kids and parents. You fail.

-There is nothing quite like reading someone else's interpretation of a modest show or book or movie in a way that sends shivers up your spine, because the spine-shiver effect is a an incredibly narrow line to balance on between various shades of eye-rolling. Incredibly rare.

-Writing fic comes about 5x easier and faster after I've had a glass of wine. This is a bad trend on every level, I can't afford wine anyway, and technically this is against my religion.

-The best fandom-related invention of the past 5 years is without a doubt Texts from Last Night parodies.

-Captain Picard's bald head dome makes me jealous. For the record, I am a girl with massive quantities of long hair that is so thick I can't braid it.

-I am having nostalgic flashbacks to that time I was obsessed with uber-pretentious sex scenes in fanfic. Not because I bought into the pretentiousness, just because they were so much hotter than non-pretentious sex scenes. This ability to stomach sex-pretentiousness came to a screeching and possibly permanent halt after being introduced to the fic of a certain Sherlock Holmes explicit slash writer who shall remain anonymous. It was a bit like weaning oneself off cigarettes by unrolling several packs' worth of them, sprinkling the contents with chalk dust from the classroom of the most insufferable English professor you have ever had, and eating this mixture until you puke uncontrollably.

-Out of all the large fandoms I've been in, I think Star Wars has the highest ratio of good fic to crap or mediocre fic. At least for the OT -- never read much prequel fic so I can't speak for that.

-Is there anything more gratifying and satisfying than reading the amazing fic of an amazing author? Why yes, reading the amazing author's earlier fic and realizing it is promising but nothing near as good as their later stuff. Incredibly motivating, I tell you.

-Reading wankfests is 1000x better when imagined in Humphrey Bogart's voice.

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I'm totally with you regarding Picard's head. But, my motivation is probably the opposite of yours. I have less hair than Hutch did in season 4 which means mine is very thin and I spend too much time combing over the bald spots. Hair is not one of my favorite things :)

Oh dear :) And I'm always wishing some of my hair would fall out so I could manage it. The grass is always greener...

A glass of wine, eh? I really should try this. Also, the thought of Bogey reading wankfests brightened my day, thank you XD

Bogey makes everything more awesome!

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